Ngambi (limestone spearheads) by Evonne Gayuwrri

Ngambi (limestone spearheads)

This painting illustrates elements from the Wagilag Sisters’ Creation story.  Ngambi are the stone spear heads that the sisters collected at Ngilipitji on their way to Mirarrmina.

The Wagilag Sisters’ Story is primarily an account of how in the distant past the two Wagilag Sisters came out of the southern interior and came across the countryside to the Liyagalawumirr waterhole at Mirarrmina. There the younger sister profaned the pool of the great Python by accidently allowing her  blood to fall into the waterhole. Because of this the women and the children were swallowed by the Olive Python, Wititj, along with all the water from the waterhole. The other snakes heard about this and demanded Wititj spit out the sisters. Wititj vomited the women out, along with the water, creating the first monsoon rains.