Painted Buffalo Skull (with horns and teeth) by Daniel Warrulukuma

Painted Buffalo Skull (with horns and teeth)

Daniel Warrakuluma is a young laba (leader) who is teaching his young family their stories of inheritance through painting his stories of cultural law on both canvas and animal skulls or turtle shells which he finds in the jungle surrounding his home at TANK outstation. This beautifully painted skull depicts some of the animals living on Daniels Homelands in the Gurrwiliny swamp in North East Arnhemland. This perfectly preserved animal skull becomes the canvas to hold images all of these totemic creatures which Daniel is connected to. The birds of the wetland inspire the dances for songlines which teach cultural laws dating back tens of thousands of years. Painted on a background of beutifully crafted rarrk which is the traditional cross hatching designs yolngu painted on their bodies to represent places and beings from their stories during ceremony and to signify to others who they were by identifying which land they were connected to.