Djarrade Yarrpun (Honey Story) by JB Fisher

Djarrade Yarrpun (Honey Story)

This Djarrade Yarrpun (Sugar bag/honey) story is a Dhuwa story. 

This painting is about honey men, collecting the honey, or sugar bags (Djarrade). Some of the other men are collecting yam (Pitarro). They are collecting the honey and yams for food. When they collect the bush food they put it in their dilly bags (Mindirr) to take home later for their family. 

There are some people dancing (Warrngrle Gulmirrngu), the Gulmirringu dance came from the Island Gurribah, which is far away from Australia’s mainland. There are some men from an outstation near Ramingining, called Walkabimirri, dancing as well. 

This is JB Fisher’s story from his country.