Woven Mat by Julie Djulibing Malibirr

Woven Mat

Artists hand collect Pandanus leaves, hand strip them to remove the spikes that line the outside of the leaves. They then collect the roots to create the natural dyes that the stripped pandanus is soaked in. The two roots, Djundon (Yellow root from a small tree) and Gultja Gultja (red/pink root from a grass) is then crushed and boiled in a pot over the fire, where the pandanus is then added to absorb the beautiful, vibrant rich colours that you can see in the weavings created. They dyed pandanus is then dried in the sun and is then ready to use to create these magnificent masterpieces. Woven mats have been used in Yolngu culture for many many years. Traditionally as only practical use, they are very durable, but have now been made into a more art based practice.