Ngambi (Limestone spearheads) Frida Tote bag by Designed by Shannon Ashley

Ngambi (Limestone spearheads) Frida Tote bag

About the design:

Ngambi translates to limestone which was used to create speartips. Ngambi speartips are an element of the Wagilag creation story for the Liyagalawumirr clan from Ngilipidji. Two sisters, known as the Wagilag sisters, travelled to a waterhole named Mirarrmina. The younger sister profaned the pool of Witij the Olive Python by accidentally allowing her blood to fall into the waterhole. Witij became angry at their presence and swallowed up the sisters, all the women, children and water from the waterhole. Witij fell to the ground in agony from swallowing beings from the same moiety. His cries of agony alerted the other snakes who became angry and demanded Witij regurgitate the Wagilag sisters. Witij complied and regurgitated the Wagilag sisters and all the water from the waterhole which created the first monsoon rains. 

  • Fully lined with zip closure
  • Two internet open pockets
  • One internal zip pocket
  • 35cm(h) x 40cm(w) x 11cm(base)


This product was screenprinted by Yolŋu art workers at Bula’Bula Arts. We print small batches of tea towels, tshirts and fabric lengths by hand because we love putting Yolŋu designs on everyday items – especially ones that balanda (non-Yolŋu) use! Due to the lovely handmade nature of this product, print quality may vary.

Manymak (very good)! Buying Bula’Bula Arts products helps us build a sustainable income source for our 150 artists and artworkers from Ramingining and surrounding outstations.


We work with Flying Fox Fabrics, a small social enterprise based in Darwin. Flying Fox Fabrics, make and sell accessories, clothing and homewares from fabrics designed by Aboriginal artists which have been hand printed in Australia. They work in partnership with Aboriginal artists and fair trade organisations in Cambodia that train and employ disabled artisans.


  • Designed by Shannon Ashley

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