Untitled by Janice Djupuduwuy


Robyn Djunginy began weaving bottle sculptures in 1983, after the Curator Djon Mundine, suggested to Djunginy that she may like to encase an empty gin bottle in Pandanus fibre ‘Chianti-style’ for an exhibition he was organising. Using a local twining technique, the artist began producing multiple woven bottles of various sizes. The sculptural qualities and the high workmanship of these objects have led them to be become recognised as key contemporary Aboriginal fibre works.

A decade after making her first bottle artworks, Djunginy began producing two-dimensional renderings of the woven sculptures on canvas.

Robyn has been the only artist from this area to produce and paint bottles, but has passed the bottle story on to her daughters.

This bottle was woven by Robyn’s daughter, Janice Djupuduwuy.