Water Goanna at Waterhole by JB Fisher

Water Goanna at Waterhole

This painting depicts a story, which is from JB’s Fathers land near Ramingining in North East Arnhem Land.

The land and the story are Dhuwa, as is JB Fisher, a strong and traditional bush man. The Djanda (Goanna or Wukutj in Djinang) which is JB Fishers language are living in the jungle, drinking at the waterhole 

Stories of cultural law are told in the painting, and the act of painting is reconnecting with those stories or retelling stories which have been learnt through singing and song and dancing for tens of thousands of years. 

People inherit these stories from their fathers and their mothers and their Grandfathers and Grandmothers. 

JB paints in an animated and dynamc way with the traditional colours Mul (black), Miko (red), Butuluk (yellow), Waterr(white).