mam'thun djorra’

mam’thun djorra’

Meet animals and creation spirits from Ramingining, Arnhem Land. These sticker designs are taken from original paintings from incredible Yolŋu artists at Bula’Bula Arts. We love seeing Yolŋu designs on everyday items – especially ones that balanda (non-Yolŋu) use – because we are proud of our culture! It makes us happy to see our stories travel all around the world.

  • Materials: High quality PVC. UV protected and water resistant. 
  • Use: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use including bumpers, vehicles and windows.
  • Designed in Ramingining, Arnhem Land. 

Yo! 10 stickers inside by Bula’bula artists: 

  • Guwarrtji (Hawksbill sea turtle) by Peter Gambung
  • Warrnyu (Flying Fox) by Andrew Wanamilil
  • Wuldulbal/badju (bream) by JB Fisher
  • Gananhdharr (egret) by Daniel Warrulukuma
  • Gumang (magpie goose) by Angela Malibirr
  • Burala (diving duck/oriental darter) by Peter Gambung

Manymak (very good)! This product helps build a sustainable source of income for Yolŋu artists and art workers at Bula’Bula Arts.