Weaving Stories

In this episode we hear Joy Burruna, who is Djambarrpuyŋu speaking Djambarrpuyŋu and english.

Joy introduces some of the senior weavers from BulaBula Arts and helps to translate some of the various languages spoken by the weavers to english. The weavers are describing the processes of collecting natural fibres and materials from the land to make various traditional bags, baskets, mats and fish traps.

We also hear from Mary Dhapalany who is Liya-Galawuymirr and speaks Mandhalpuy.

Dhapalany talks about making lamp shades, fish traps, mats and baskets using pandanus and natural bush dye. Later in this recording Dhapalany then talks about the use of djilpara as a material use to make bush string. This is called balgurr in Djambarrpuyŋu (Kurrajong).

Evyonne Munuyngu is also Liya-Galawuymirr speaking Mandhalpuy.

Munuyngu talks about weaving bags and baskets that are made today for the art centre and how the same bags and baskets have been used traditionally to collect foods.

Margaret Djarrbalaba is Malibirr / Gurrumba Gurrumba speaking Ganalbiŋu.

Djarrbalaba talks about making fish traps and scoops using traditional weaving techniques.