The cultural and spiritual heart of the Ramingining community.

Bula’bula Arts Aboriginal Corporation ‘the cultural heart of Ramingining community’, is situated in the remote community of Ramingining in North East Arnhem Land surrounded by the Arafura wetlands, which has been placed on the Australian National Heritage list and is managed using traditional land management practices.

Bula’bula Arts is an Aboriginal owned and governed, not for profit organisation with its core objective being to preserve and foster Yolngu culture.

Ramingining community and its surrounding outstations are home to a population varying between 700-1200 people depending on season and ceremony.

Bula’bula Arts is one of Australia’s most significant art centres with works from our highly recognised artists in collections nationally and internationally. Bula’bula represents approx. 150 artist members inclusive of all clan families and language groups in the area and provides materials, mentoring and business support, and cultural maintenance and inter-generational learning programs as well as income and employment opportunities for members of the community.

The Yolngu (people) of Ramingining and surrounding outstations have a compelling material culture producing works of deep ritual and spiritual significance. The works created by Bula’bula’s artist members are authentic in their connection to Yolngu (people) and their true nature and beliefs. The artworks contain meaningfulness about sophisticated and complex social structures: such as ceremonies, songs, language, creative beings, family and Yolngu identity within that, as well as the relationships between all things: such as animals, plants, birds, trees, fish, water and Yolngu identity within these things.

These relationships are manifested in various traditional representations as well as contemporary variations of Yolngu cultural storytelling.

Latest artworks