Ramingining community is situated on Aboriginal Land, while in the community it is important to be respectful and aware of Yolngu culture and protocols.

Getting around community
You should be aware of where you are travelling while in the community. If adventuring outside of the town area, seek permission to travel to that area to ensure you’re not trespassing on sacred sites or through ceremonial areas.

The community has a shop, a clinic, school and police station. If you have any specific dietary requirements it is advised to bring food/drink with you as the shop stocks minimal variety and brands.

Always ask for permission before taking photographs to ensure cultural protocols are not being breached.

Dress code
In Yolngu culture it is expected of women to dress appropriately and cover their thighs.

Community Dogs
Dogs in the community can be aggressive, if walking through the town area it is advised to walk with someone and to carry a stick at all times.

The community of Ramingining is home to the Yolngu people who are the traditional owners of north east Arnhem Land. Under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act (NT) 1976, the Yolngu are recognised as owners of this land and permits are required to enter their land. The Northern Land Council manages all permits, application forms can be found at

Please check the Northern Territory Government’s website for current COVID-19 restrictions and vaccination requirements prior to arriving.

Drugs and Alcohol
Ramingining is a dry community, no alcohol is to be brought into community under any circumstances. Strict penalties will apply for those caught not adhering to the rules.

Ramingining has strict volatile substance management plans in place under the Volatile Substance Abuse Prevention Act. You can find further information on protocols and prohibited substances at