Natural materials are harvested from the plants in the jungles of surrounding homelands such as pandanus, sandpalm and kurrajong bark. The plant material is worked and treated in the ways passed on from ancestors and in doing so the Yolngu (women) recreate and identify with the sacred ceremonial objects which connect Yolngu to each other, to their past, their creative beings and to their country. The fibres and strings produced are dyed with natural dyes made from fruits, roots, leaves and barks before they are woven into objects such as fish traps and fish nets, mats, string bags, baskets and dilly bags. Bula’Bula Arts would like to acknowledge Margaret Rarru Garrawurra from the Milingimbi Art Centre for pioneering the creation of dyed black pandanus.

All available fibre art may not be listed, please email to request a full list of available pieces.