About Bula’bula Arts

Limurru manapanmirri Djaga ga djama rrangi Bulabula’n’ha nguthunmarama Bathi, Bidi’yunaray, yidaki ga dhupundhu, ga wiripuwiripuynha mala djamapuyyu.

Let’s collaborate together, care for each other and work to build up Bula’bula making string bags, paintings, didgeridu, hollow logs and all the other things that we do.

Dhuwala napurru nguli ga djama yaka yana dilakku, nanydja napurru ga mel-gurrupun dapurruggu djamarrkuli’nha. Ga walala dhu bitjandhi bili mal-gurrupun walalayguway walala djamarrkuli nha.

These things are not just for us elders; we are also here to give examples and instruction to our children. So they can also continue to give examples to their children into the future.

The 150 artist members from Ramingining and surrounding outstations own the corporation and elect between 8-10 directors at the AGM each year. The directors meet every 1-2 months and work closely with the CEO to ensure the art centre fulfils its core objective, to preserve and foster Yolngu culture, its role within the community, as well as maintaining a strong profile and reputation in the creative industries. Employment positions are funded by IVAIS (Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support) and the artists are paid 50-60 percent of the retail sales price of the artwork, with all operational costs for the art centre funded through the sales of artworks.

Bulabula Arts is a registered Indigenous Corporation (ICN 1059) and is overseen by ORIC (Office of Registration of Indigenous Corporations) and follows the CATSI ACT (Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006).

2016-17 Directors

  • Chair: Daphne Banyawarra
  • Vice Chair: Daniel Warralukuma
  • Peter Minguylulu
  • Matjarra Garrawurra
  • Joy Burrana
  • Bobby Bununggurr
  • Billy Black
  • Roy Burnyila (2) Malibirr
  • Tolbert Dharramanba
  • Lynette Birrinan