Charlie Djurritjini


No artworks.


Language: Ganalbingu
Dreaming: Yirritja
Clan: Gurrumba Gurrumba

Charlie’s country is an area called the crossing. This is near Mowangi and is a large area of swampland stretching all the way up to the mountains. He is an extraordinary fisherman and most happy when he is out of the township in the bush. When he was younger he used be the town’s mechanic for Ramingining.

“My father told me everything before he died. These paintings are for Balanda and Yolngu. These paintings are to show balanda (white people) what my culture is. To show where my country and Dreaming is from, and where my culture comes from. I only paint from (about) one place, Mutyka’ – that’s my country. These pictures come from my head – I think about my culture.”

Taken from an interview in
“The Native Born: Objects and Representations from Ramingining, Arnhem Land”