Janice Djupuduwuy



Language: Djinba
Dreaming: Dhuwa
Clan: Dalparri

Janice Djupuduwuy is an emerging fibre artist, making a name for herself with her distinct and contemporary pieces. Over the last decade as a Bula’bula Arts artist, Janice has been creating a portfolio of creative weavings that stand out for their innovative and unique style.

Janice’s mother, prolific fibre artist Robyn Djunginy, was known for her significant contribution to Contemporary Indigenous Art. Making her mark as one of the first Ramingining women to showcase her weaving skills on a global scale. One piece that left a particular impression, was her woven pandanus bottles.

Janice carries forward her mother’s remarkable legacy in her current work. Weaving in her mother’s style brings Janice joy and keeps her mother’s memory alive throughout her creative process.