Selena Munguluma

Selena Munguluma



Skin name: Ngarritjan
Language: Ganalbingu
Dreaming: Yirritja
Clan: Ganalbingu

Selena Munguluma Malibirr is an early career artist who began painting professionally in 2021. Her style has been shaped by her family, many of whom range from early career to prolific exhibiting artists. Among them is her father, esteemed Yolŋu artist Bobby Bunungurr, and grandmother, Dorothy Djukulul, who was one of the first recognised female artists in Ramingining.

Selena was taught by her father and paints their shared totems. This includes Ganalbingu Banda (long neck turtle), Gumang (magpie geese), Minmin (sulphur-crested cockatoo), Yalman (waterlily), Warrnyu (flying fox), Lidji Lidji (finch), Karr (spider), and others.

“I paint my totem, it’s the same as my dad. It represents my clan, and it belongs to my country, Nyalyindi. When I was a kid, I would see my dad painting, so I know how to paint. But it all belongs to my country and my song lines.”

Selena has kids and is looking forward to teaching them how to paint when they get older.

“I have to tell the story, I also dance, that’s how I share my story.”