Dhäwu Ramingining’puy (Podcast)

Dhäwu Raminging’puy (stories about Ramingining)

Produced by Bula’bula Arts, this project involved the co-creation of a Yolngu arts and language-themed podcast series in languages such as Djinang, Ganalbingu, Gupupyngu and English. Ramo Dhäwu (stories from Ramingining) encourages and supports the preservation of Yolngu cultural heritage through the recording and sharing of oral traditions and stories, music, cultural arts practices and languages, and innovative forms of digital art practice.

Listeners can immerse themselves in the richness of Yolngu culture and life through its stories, characters and languages. Each episode contains interviews, story sharing, cultural education and language instruction in studio-based and mobile recording formats.

Dhäwu Raminging’puy (stories about Ramingining) was generously supported by:

Key Participants

Miyalk – Women

Daphne Banyawarra
Djulibing Malibirr
Faye Matjarra
Lynette Birrian
Evonne Munuyngu
Mary Dhapalany
Margret Djarrbalabal
Joy Burruna

Ḏirramu – Men

Bobby Bununggurr
Billy Black Durbuma
Roy Burnyila
JB Fisher
Daniel Warrulukuma
Philip “Pussycat” Gudthaykudthay
Peter Djumbu Djurrurŋa

Sound recordists

JB Fisher
Tolbert Dharramanba
Ross Dhapuwuruy
Oskar Dhurrikayu

Production supervisor / Trainer

Benjamin Ward