JB Fisher

JB Fisher

Skin name: Wamut
Language: Marrangu
Dreaming: Dhuwa
Clan: Wurrkigenydjarr, Buku Murrungu
Date of birth: 1970-12-08
From: Gilirri
Community: Ramingining : NT
Outstation: Gilirri



JB started painting for Bula’bula Arts in around 1994. He spends his time between Ramingining and Maningrida, painting for both art centres. He has also worked as a conservator for both Maningrida Arts and Culture and Bula’bula Arts.

JB is committed to painting in natural bush ochres. He specialises in bark paintings and hollow logs which, in the main, depict stories about honey, (colloquially known as sugarbag) and bush tucker.