Joy Borruwa



Skin name: Wamutjan
Language: Djambarrpuyungu
Dreaming: Dhuwa
Clan: Djambarrpuyungu

Joy Borruwa is an emerging artist who began her journey as a fibre artist before transitioning to painting in 2019. Alongside her seven siblings, Joy learned painting from her mother, Dorothy Djukulul, an esteemed artist and one of the first recognised female painters in Ramingining. While Joy always had an interest in painting, it was the artistic influence of her first husband, Bobby Bununggurr, that encouraged her to pursue and develop her artistic practice.

“I saw my first husband, Bobby, I saw him paint and I thought, how can I paint that? So, with mum, I learn how to paint. I just want to tell the story of my mum’s totem.”

Demonstrating the power of generational teaching, Joy paints the totems of her mother and uncle, George Milpurrurru, instead of her own. Now, she paints daily. Joined by her sisters, Dorothy, Joy, and Evonne, and children Selena, Angela, and Andrew who is the Chair for Bula’bula arts.