Kathleen Malpamba



Skin name: Wamutdjan
Language: Djinba
Dreaming: Dhuwa

Kathleen is waku (daugher) to the late, renowned fibre artist Robyn D. Malibirr. Her style is reminiscent of her ngandi’s (mothers), from whom she learnt to weave. Kathleen creates dynamic colour palettes with the dyes she makes from natural materials harvested from the jungle in her home in Gurrwiliny (Arafura Wetland) in North East Arnhem Land. She also makes a rare luminescent green from the inside of the pandanus tree which is something inherent in her families work.

Kathleen is an extraordinary weaver who also works hard on the community in the womens safe house and she is also highly skilled at hunting and fishing. She is a strong Yolngu Miyalkc(woman)