Giny'kiny (Catfish) by Peter Gambung

Giny’kiny (Catfish)

Giny’kiny (cat fish) are a totemic species significant to the Gupapuyngu clan. They are represented through storylines and songlines through art and bunggul (dance). The lines in the painting depict the ripples in which the Giny’kiny created when swimming through the shallow waters. During bunggul (dance) the ripples are depicted through the use of string and the barbs of the Giny’kiny are represented by holding out spears. Peter says “when we dance we imagine we are catfish, our mind leaves our human body and goes to our spirit”. The songline is performed at different bungguls such as dhapi (boys initiation ceremony) and bapurru (funeral) in which is performed to assist the deceased persons spirit to go home.