King Brown Snake and Blue tongue Lizard by Joy  Burruna

King Brown Snake and Blue tongue Lizard

A long time ago the king brown snake went hunting and one blue tongue lizard finds a hole and thinks that this would be a good home and pops into the king brown’s home hole. The king brown comes back to discover the blue tongue in his hole. King brown tell blue tongue that this is my hole where is yours? King brown tells the blue tongue to go away and the blue tongue says “no that it’s my home” and they have a fight. Blue tongue makes trouble and they fight. King Brown tries to beat him but could not Blue tongue spits in his face and King brown dies and takes the land and stays for ever in that hole. This is telling a story that happened on my country. That my father and mother told me and This is a story gets told and passed down through the family. All my tribe, Djamabarrpyngu, we dance, there is a king brown dance.