Banumbirr- Morning Star Ceremony (Dhuwa Moiety) by Joy Burruna

Banumbirr- Morning Star Ceremony (Dhuwa Moiety)

Banumbirr – Morning Star Ceremony (Dhuwa moiety)

The Morning Star Ceremony is from the Dhuwa moiety. I have painted the ceremony here. It’s got leaves from the banyan tree (ficus virnens) that makes figs for people to eat – they are part of our bush tucker.

The Morning Star is from my great grandfather, my grandfather and my father. I paint it for my family to show my sisters and brothers. My grandfather and my father have both passed away, so I teach the bunggul (dancing) to my children.

We make a little Morning Star (you can see a man holding that on the right side of the painting), so the big Morning Star can came out. It is a long ceremonial pole that we dance around. You can also see the little Morning Star in this painting. There are men with yidaki (didjeridoo) and bilma (clap sticks) singing the Morning Star song cycle part for my people. The women have banyan tree leaves that they are dancing with.

We make a big Morning Star pole as part of the ceremony. You can see that in the middle of this painting.

Banumbirr – Morning Star – is an exchange ceremony with other clans in the Bapurru (clan group).

The Morning Star is the first star you see in the sky in the mornings.