Gunyunmirringa (Minytji Landscape) OFFSITE

Designed by Philip Gudthaykudthay. Image = one panel

Gudthaykudthay through his patriline, is Liyagalawumirr. These are the “people with bark over their heads”, as their name translates; they are forest dwellers.

Gunyunmirringa, Gudthyakudthay’s principal totemic site, is a small flat eucalyptus forest, situated about ten kilometers west of the Woolen River and fourteen kilometers south of the Hutchinson Strait. It is Gudthaykudthay’s depiction of this site, which first brought him to the attention of the art world in the early 1980s, and this fine line rarrk (cross-hatching) has become a style for which he is renown.