Daphne Banyawarra

Daphne Banyawarra

Daphne is the current Chairperson for Bula’bula Arts. She is known for her mastery of dyes in her highly coloured weavings.


No artworks.


Skin name: Bulanydjan
Language: Ganalbingu
Dreaming: Yirritja
Clan: Gurrumba Gurrumba

Daphne Banyawarra is a strong Ganalbingu miyalk (woman) from Gurrwiliny (Arafura Wetlands).

Banyawarra has worked as a teacher and travelled around Australia and overseas and now works as a consultant, translator and interpreter as well as a being a community leader with many family responsibilities. Banyawarra supports artist members in their creative projects and assists  in communications between facilitators and artists thus achieving strong and extraordinary results.

Banyawarra weaves mats and dilly bags, traditional ritual objects and is also responsible for up keeping her families ceremonial objects which are passed on through generations. Such objects need repair and maintenance from a skilled and trusted craftsperson with old inherited knowledge.

Banyawarra’s weaving is tight and meticulous with strong vibrant colours harvested from very particular parts of the jungle surround Ramingining to gain particular tones.