Evonne Munuyngu

Evonne is a stalwart of Bula’Bula Arts and is often the first artist to arrive each day. She is a masterful weaver and fiercely proud to be David Gulpilil’s sister.



Skin name: Bilinydjan
Language: Mandhalpuy
Dreaming: Dhuwa
Clan: Mandhalpuy

Born at Mirrngatja outstation on the Eastern edge of the Arafura Swamp and later moved to Galiwin’ku. Mununyngu married at an early age and moved to Galiwin’ku with her father. Her husband, an elder Rittharrngu man, died at Gapuwiyak (Lake Evella). They had no children.

At Galiwin’ku township she attended school at Shepherdson College, being taught by Kevin Rrurrmbu, Don Graham and Cindy Graham. She was a bright student and became fluent in English.

Before her mother died,  she taught Munuyngu many things, especially  how to weave a great range of fibre pieces.

After her father’s death (her husband had also died), she came to live at Ramingining to be near her brother and sisters.