Evonne Rraraypum

Evonne Rraraypum



Skin name: Wamutjan
Language: Djambarrpuyngu
Dreaming: Dhuwa
Clan: Wanybarrnga

Evonne Rraraypum is a strong early career artist who, even though she only started painting professionally in 2021, has already featured in several group exhibitions since 2022. A testament to her natural artistic ability and the countless hours spent honing her skill. Evonne was raised in a family of artists. Her mother, Dorothy Djukulul, was one of the first recognised female painters in Ramingining, taught Evonne and her four sisters how to paint their totem and song lines.

“I like to paint the freshwater story and my mother’s totem.”

While Evonne’s totem is the Jabiru, she prefers to paint her mother totems which largely include the animals of the freshwater story. Ganalbingu Banda (long neck turtle), Lidji Lidji (finch), Buliya (catfish), and Baru (crocodile).

“My mum taught me how to paint at home. I like to paint myself, with my family here at Bula’bula. I teach the young ones how to paint, my grandson. His totem is cockatoo and emu. I like to tell my story on canvas and through dancing.”