Dorothy Djampalil



Skin name: Wamutjan
Language: Djambarrpuyngu
Dreaming: Dhuwa
Clan: Wanybarrnga

Dorothy Djampalil is an emerging artist, born in Millingimbi into a family of strong and prolific painters. Dorothy was raised and taught to paint by her mum, Dorothy Djukulul, a respected artist and one of the first recognised female painters in Ramingining. Her stepfather, renowned Yolŋu painter Djardi Ashley, is also a strong influence in her artistic style.

Dorothy likes to paint her own totem, Banumbirr (Morning Star). However, prefers to depict the totem of her mother and grandfather. These include Lungurrmar (North-East Wind), Baru (crocodile), Lidji Lidji (finch), Ganalbungi Banda (long-neck turtle) from the freshwater story, Gumang Yalman (Mapipe Goose), Damilipa (blue tongue lizard), and Dawurrmunuk (itchy caterpillar).

“I want the people to know I paint my mother’s story on the canvas.”

While Dorothy doesn’t have any children of her own, she paints every day with her sisters, Evonne, Joy Borruwa and Joy Burruna, as well as her nieces and nephews. Maintaining the strong family history of painting their cultural story.